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RAD-Alert enables Radiologists to issue alerts to referring clinicians in real time with just a few mouse clicks, using a web-based application that can normally be launched directly from within the PACS / RIS environment. The system provides Alert delivery via Email, Short Message Service (SMS), Smart Phone and Tablet Application and a Web Application with all combinations possible. Full alert tracking with automatic and manual transfers and escalation. Alert Accept, Decline or Transfer by all notification methods. Viewing of the actual report using Smart Phones, Tablets and the Web Application. Optional pop-up to keep Radiologists and Administrators informed about the progress of alerts. Contact group capability. All actions and stages fully audited. HL7 output feed to provide information on the status of alerts to the PACS / RIS or other hospital systems. HL7 input feed to create new Clinicians. Transparent pooling of alerts from multiple hospitals to a single Smart Phone or Tablet App. Auto-acknowledgement option to allow report distribution notification. New modules will be added in the near future to enable alerts for other departments within a hospital environment
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